Team and Questions - Covid-19 in Portugal

A multidisciplinary team of volunteers with the aim of developing conclusions around this epidemic.

The Team

Vitor Carvalho

Hugo Fonseca

Miguel Carvalho

Rui Portela

Kyrylo Yefimenko

Mariana Rolo

Nuno Gervásio

Jorge Maio

We thank

Margarida Mercês de Mello

For the voiceover of the video on preventive measures (only in Portuguese).

Maria João Nogueira

For all help in spell checking all texts.


The numeric information of the epidemic is (except for some exceptions) the daily and cumulative number of new confirmed cases, suspected cases, deaths, etc… Here we are trying to present graphically the progression, estimate the following 2 weeks, assess trends and explain how we do it.

We are also disseminating information on what each of us must do to protect ourselves, our families and others. It is imperative that everyone understands that this is not a common situation, nor a short term one and all must follow the recommendations of your Health Authority.

Each country closes their data at different times, there are dashboards as the one from JHU CSSE updating the world’s data. All data we use is obtained from official sources as are the WHO, the ECDC or National Health Authorities.

For further information, questions or suggetions, please use this form.

Download our data / API

Our API is public and can be accessed using the following link: Swagger API